Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term equipment rentals can be a lifesaver on many job sites. Whether your current machine is being repaired, you're looking at buying a new one or you need a specialized tool for a specific task, short-term rentals from The Cat® Rental Store can help you get the job done with convenience and ease.

Between providing an excellent bang for your buck and offering increased productivity, renting short-term equipment is a great way to supplement your current collection of tools. It can eliminate costly downtime, reduce maintenance tasks and make your equipment costs more manageable. Keep reading for more information on how short-term rentals can help businesses in a variety of industries.

Rent Equipment While You Repair, Rebuild or Replace

One of the times when many businesses use short-term rentals is while repairing, rebuilding or replacing equipment. 

A repair can be incredibly inconvenient, costing you time and money by bringing your whole operation to a halt. Whether your equipment stopped working on the job site or you have to take it out of service for scheduled maintenance, rental equipment can keep you moving and help you accomplish more, without interrupting your timeline. You don't have to lose out while waiting for repairs or for a part to get shipped, whether that's half of a day or several days or weeks. Even just a few hours can make a big difference in your project schedule. Short-term rentals save you from extensive downtime and a loss of progress on the job.

When you rent from a Cat dealer, you don't need to worry about transportation either. We can deliver the machine directly to the jobsite, so you don't have to have any specialized trailers or spend time sending someone to get it.

Another time that many companies turn to short-term rentals is when they're looking to purchase new equipment or replace an existing piece. A company might need to do so if their current vehicle is in disrepair or out of date. There are a lot of models and different machines out there to choose from, and it's hard to make that kind of decision without using the equipment. Like test-driving a car, short-term rentals allow you to "try before you buy" and learn more about the equipment before making a significant commitment. You can drive the equipment at your worksite to learn how it handles and operates and determine if it meets your needs. You may want to try a few different models to get a feel for them and select the best one for your needs.

To make this process even easier and lessen the impact of the upfront cost of replacing a piece of equipment, we offer rent-to-own options. If you're interested in this approach, talk to your local Cat dealer for more information.

If you need a short-term equipment rental, you may need one on short notice. When you rent from us, you have peace of mind knowing that Caterpillar is your go-to partner. You won't need to search high and low for the best rental. With quality Cat products and over 70 additional OEM suppliers, we can meet a wide variety of project needs.

Other Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

Short term rentals can do more for you than fill in a gap. They also come with a myriad of benefits.

1. No Maintenance

When you rent, you don't have to worry about continued maintenance. Replacing worn parts, regularly checking fluids and oil levels and performing any necessary repairs are all taken care of by the rental company. You don't have to fight with fixing a machine when you need it quickly, and you don't need to worry about the maintenance and repair costs that come with owning the equipment.

If you have a problem with rented equipment, many rental store locations can send a mechanic out right away. They often have any necessary parts on hand and can supply you with a new machine if it is not a quick fix.

2. No Additional Costs

Other costs that you can say goodbye to include registration, inspection and licensing fees. Since you don't own the equipment, you don't need to deal with any of these — we take care of them all. One more cost that disappears when you rent is depreciation. When you buy a piece of equipment, depreciation lowers its value and can significantly reduce the amount of money you can get back for it when you're done. Any losses in functioning will add to that. Renting ensures that you don't lose money on depreciation because you aren't buying the machine.

3. Most Up-to-Date Tools

Similar to depreciation, when you buy a new piece of equipment, it can quickly become outdated, as new technologies and new models come out. Renting gives you access to newer models without the high cost of upgrading your equipment each year. You get the benefit of state-of-the-art tools without state-of-the-art prices.

4. Specialized Tasks

You may find yourself with a task at a jobsite that could be performed faster and better with a specific piece of equipment — but paying for the whole machine for just one job isn't usually cost-effective, especially for small businesses. A short-term rental can provide you with the machine you need without the upfront cost of equipment that you'll rarely use.

5. Easy Budgeting

Since renting doesn't involve high initial investments, depreciation, maintenance costs, etc., you don't have any complicated budgeting to worry about. Renting is a predictable, manageable cost. Plus, you don't have to keep up with storage and maintenance for a fleet of rarely used machines. For many smaller operations, renting is easier on their bottom line because of the reduced maintenance and ease of budgeting.

6. Seasonal Help

Many industries, such as landscaping, have a busy season in which companies may struggle to reach their goals with their existing fleets of equipment. At these times, short-term rentals may be just the ticket to supplement a fleet and get the extra work done without delays. It can allow you to take on more jobs or more effectively manage any excess.

Your Go-To Short-Term Rental Supplier

Short-term rentals find their way into the operations of many industries and job sites. Between their versatility, productivity and convenience, short-term equipment rentals can get you back to work quickly and minimize downtime. When you need equipment for a short time, The Cat Rental Store is there.

With over 1,300 locations and quality service at each one, we can be your go-to rental service provider. In addition to trusted Cat equipment and work tools, we also carry over 70 brands of OEM equipment to help with any number of tasks. Find a location near you or give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT in the US and Canada or contact your local dealer to learn more about what The Cat Rental Store can do for you.

Rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.