Why Use a Portable Generator for Your Next Project?

Why Use a Portable Generator for Your Next Project?

These days, there isn't much a construction business can do without electricity. Whether you're operating machinery, using communication equipment or providing illumination at a nighttime work site, a reliable power source is essential. A portable generator rental can serve as a reliable backup power supply during an outage or as a primary source of electricity at remote job sites where grid power is unavailable. 

The Cat® Rental Store near you offers a wide selection of dependable portable generators for rent. We feature towable diesel and gas models from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers in a wide range of sizes, configurations and output capacities.

The Benefits of a Portable Generator

Portable generators offer a host of construction project benefits:

  • Mobility: Trailer-mounted generators attach easily to a vehicle, enabling you to haul and place them exactly where you need them. You can also transport them from one job site to another. 
  • Flexibility: Every job site has different power requirements. While some may need electricity for hand tools and other smaller equipment, others may have to power heavy machinery, lighting or even temporary offices or shelters.Many portable generator models contain voltage selector switches. You can match the power output to the task requirements, which ensures a safe, efficient generator operation.
  • Continuous power: A sudden storm, blackout, or other natural or man-made event could knock out electricity from the grid for several hours or longer. Using a portable generator as either a primary or backup electrical source mitigates the risk of an unexpected power loss and keeps your project moving forward.
  • Safety: A sudden loss of power creates an unsafe situation at a work site. Your crews will be left in the dark, which can cause a variety of hazards. A tool or machine that stops functioning during use due to a lack of electricity can also pose a danger to workers. A portable generator will help you avoid these and other potentially perilous conditions. 
  • Avoiding costly delays: Unexpected delays and downtime may significantly increase the cost of a project and impact your profitability. By keeping the power flowing, a portable generator will help you complete your jobs on schedule. 


Our portable generator rental inventory includes many options from Caterpillar, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. In addition to Caterpillar, we carry equipment from more than 70 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands. Our brands that offer portable generators include:


Pramac Group is a leading power generation equipment manufacturer from Italy. Their generators offer incredible value for the energyconstruction and material handling industries.

Pramac Group portable generators are available in several series:

  • P Series for portable inverter generators
  • E Series for efficient, lightweight and compact generators
  • ES Series for compact and long-running generators
  • PX Series for energy-intense applications
  • S Series for professional applications
  • SP Series for premium professional uses


Allmand has provided reliable power solutions for more than 80 years. Their portable generators will help you in special power needs for applications in the construction, miningoil and gas, and other industries.

Some features of Allmand portable generators include:

  • Ability to start any motor size
  • Durability to navigate varying job site terrain
  • Fuel tank capacity up to 204 gallons
  • Power output up to 120 kilowatts (kW)

We're a Full-Service Portable Generator Provider

When you rent a generator from The Cat Rental Store, you'll receive excellent service every step of the way. We'll make sure the generator you choose meets the specific power generation needs at your work site. We'll also provide timely repairs and maintenance to ensure your unit won't let you down when you need it the most. Our flexible rental terms will fit your usage and budgetary requirements.

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