Mini Digger Derrick Rentals

A mini digger derrick can perform many of the tasks required of a line utility truck such as digging post holes for poles. However, its compact size enables it to work in tight spaces and hard-to-navigate areas that are off-limits to bigger trucks.

If you're looking for a reliable, hardworking mini digger rental for a special project or other temporary need, you've come to the right place. The Cat®Rental Store can offer a high-quality, job-specific machine at a competitive rate. By partnering with our extensive Cat dealer network, you'll also benefit from excellent customer service and support. When things get tough, you can always count on our well-trained rental specialists to have your back.

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We Have the Right Mini Digger Derrick Rental for the Job

When you visit any of our more than 1,300 global locations, you'll find a huge assortment of machines from Caterpillar, a trusted heavy equipment manufacturer for nearly a century. We also carry products from an array of allied manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality, performance and reliability. We can tap into our vast network to locate the right model for your unique applications.

Our mini digger derrick rental lineup includes models from SDP Manufacturing, a top producer of full-size and compact machines in a variety of lifting and carrying capacities and sheave heights. SDP has a stellar reputation for building products that allow users to complete projects with greater speed and efficiency.

When Should You Consider a Mini Digger Derrick Rental?

Have you just landed a big contracting job and need more equipment quickly? Are you gearing up for your busy season? Do you need a fast replacement for a machine that's in the shop for repairs? A mini digger derrick rental can provide the ideal solution for these and many other situations.

Renting also makes sense if you want to avoid paying for maintenance and upkeep or don't have extra storage space for another machine. And if you're thinking of buying a piece of equipment, renting enables you to take it for a risk-free "test drive" before you sign on the dotted line.

Why Rent From The Cat® Rental Store?

At The Cat Rental Store, we understand the vital role heavy equipment plays in the success of your operation. Our goal is to get you the machine you require as quickly as possible. Our streamlined renting process saves time and eliminates hassles. Our knowledgeable team consists of product experts who will help you choose the best model for your applications and work with you to create a flexible rental agreement. We'll also take care of all repairs and maintenance for as long as you have your rental unit.

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Rent the mini digger derrick you require from the professionals who will do whatever it takes to meet your needs. Browse our equipment lineup online today. Feel free to call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about our products and rental process. You can also contact us online for a quick quote.

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