Tips for Renting a Generator for Events

Are you planning an outdoor event such as a wedding, festival or concert? You might need a reliable power source to provide electricity for lighting or equipment. A portable generator from The Cat® Rental Store delivers the ideal solution. A trailer-mounted generator gives you the flexibility to place it wherever you need it. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, configurations and capacities to meet your site's unique power generation requirements. 

We've assembled the following tips for successful generator rentals that will simplify the process:

  • Assess your needs: Begin by determining the size and output capacity of the generators you'll need for your event. Unless you're a professional electrician, you might need some help with this step. Make a list of all the equipment your generator will need to power (fans, air conditioning units, sound systems, cooking and refrigeration appliances, etc.) and give it to a representative at The Cat Rental Store. We'll recommend the right machine for the job, and we'll also help you determine if you'll need more than one generator.
  • Consider the noise level: A running generator can be loud. If noise is a concern at your event or if there are sound restrictions in place at the site, your representative can assist you in choosing a quieter model. We can also provide advice regarding where to place the unit to prevent the sound from bothering attendees.
  • Select the right cable and accessories: You'll need the right size cables to connect the generator to the electrical equipment at the site. Your rental rep can ensure that the cables you use are compatible with the voltage and amperage capacity of your generator — and that they're long enough to reach the designated tie-in points at the site.
  • Invest in professional installation: Unless you have electrical expertise, you should have your rental provider install the generator for you. An experienced professional will ensure that the location is safe, all connections are secure and the unit is functioning properly. 
  • Follow guidelines for safe generator usage: High-quality generators will provide many hours of reliable use with little need for operator intervention. Keep the generator outdoors to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from the engine exhaust. Exposure to carbon monoxide can occur even when placing the unit in a well-ventilated building. Keep children away from a running generator to prevent electric shock. 

Industries That Rely on Rental Generators

Power generation is essential to heavy equipment industries. With the need to power lights, drills and other tools, rental generators are valuable for teams of all sizes. Some examples of heavy equipment industries that rely on generators include:

Generators are not exclusive to industrial sectors. Beyond these industries, sectors need rental generators for events to power various activities. Additional industries include:

  • Food service: Food trucks and festivals need powerful generators to support cooking equipment, lights and music.
  • Municipal government: Farmers' markets and local fairs arranged by civic governments have a range of power demands that a rental generator can meet.
  • Hospitality: Hotels and similar locations host events like weddings and parties that require power generation for music and lights.
  • Entertainment: Sporting events, concerts and movie sets need rental generators to power sound systems, lights, fans and much more.

At The Cat Rental Store, we do more than serve heavy equipment industries. We're here to support your company whether you work in general construction or the hospitality industry. In addition to reliable Cat technology, we work with other leading manufacturers, like Pramac Group, to provide trustworthy and high-performance equipment.

Why Choose The Cat® Rental Store for Your Generator Needs?

The Cat Rental Store in your area offers a wide selection of high-quality power generators for outdoor events. We have products in various sizes and output capacities from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers. We'll assist you in choosing the right models for your power generation requirements and provide fast, safe installation. Our competitive rates and flexible terms make renting from us cost-effective and convenient.

Please view our inventory of portable generator rentals. Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information and additional tips for renting a generator for events. To request a quick online quote, please reach out to us today.

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