Keeping a Job Site Productive During Winter

Keeping a Job Site Productive During Winter

As the change in season causes temperatures to dip to uncomfortable lows, winter creates distinct challenges for construction companies and their personnel. During the winter, construction teams face additional demands like snow buildup and shorter days, making it difficult to keep workers warm, productive and safe. 

One part of working in the cold involves proper preparation for crew members. Construction operations can also equip their team with equipment solutions to keep the work moving smoothly.

Keeping a Job Site Productive During Winter

Prep for the Cold With the Right Equipment

Adding key equipment to your fleet before the temperatures drop is instrumental to meeting the challenges you face during winter. These additions can light up your job site and keep workers and equipment warm.

Here are a few categories of equipment to add to your fleet when gearing up for colder months.

Equipment for Workers

Your workers are the basis of your operation. Sourcing equipment like heaters to keep employees comfortable during the workday will help ensure they stay warm, safe and productive. When employees are comfortable, they tend to work more efficiently. Construction site trailers are also a helpful option during winter, as they give workers a warm place to go during breaks to seek shelter from extreme weather. 

Equipment for the Job Site

Once you ensure comfortable conditions for workers, you need to clear the job site so it's safe for working. Remove snow using attachments like pushes or plows. Depending on the size of the site, you might add attachments to a skid steer or a larger machine like a wheel loader. Once you clear the snow, ground thaw equipment warms the frozen soil so workers can dig or pour concrete. 

Beyond the snow and cold, job sites face issues like decreased light during winter. The sun rises later and sets earlier, reducing your productivity. Even during the day, cloud cover can make job sites dim. Light towers illuminate the work area, allowing you to work your regular hours while keeping the job site safe.

Equipment for Power

Construction sites also need power equipment during the winter. This equipment keeps winter essentials like heaters running to maintain a warm and productive job site. Power equipment solutions like engine block heaters winterize your equipment fleet by preheating oil and coolant so machines start faster with less wear. 

Generators allow you to power heaters, ground thaw equipment and power tools, keeping your operation moving during winter. While you can choose from various power options, higher-power generators often work better for winter when you have more electricity requirements.

Boost Your Site's Winter Productivity With Cat® Rental Equipment

As you plan for the winter season, you may need to add to your equipment fleet to keep your job sites productive. Rental equipment provides an ideal solution for seasonal requirements without introducing new storage or maintenance expenses.

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