ReachMaster Rental Equipment

ReachMaster Rental Equipment

An aerial lift is a raised platform that safely lifts workers to temporarily access high or out-of-reach areas. ReachMaster is one of the most well-known work platform manufacturers in the industry because of the quality and safety of its products. The dealer network through The Cat® Rental Store has rental equipment from ReachMaster that will satisfy your project requirements and budget limitations.

About Ruthmann ReachMaster

Ruthmann ReachMaster, or simply ReachMaster, is one of North America's leading material handling equipment and compact aerial lift manufacturers. The company began as the American division of E. Falck Schmidt A/S in Denmark, which founded the compact lift industry. Today, ReachMaster has been in business for more than 20 years and strives to create products that meet customers' needs while keeping them safe.

Applications for Rental Equipment From ReachMaster

Since aerial lifts can access areas that are otherwise impossible to reach, they are useful for many industries:

  • Window washing and repair: Clean and repair high windows 
  • Electrical line repair: Install and repair telephone wires and transformers
  • Safety inspections: Perform inspections at warehouses and production centers
  • Construction and building maintenance: Install and repair ductwork and wiring
  • Landscaping: Cut down limbs and trees on commercial properties
  • Indoor retail areas: Perform building maintenance and repairs

ReachMaster Rental Equipment at The Cat® Rental Store

The network of dealers through The Cat Rental Store has the rental equipment you need for your project. Our rentals are held to high quality standards for the most reliable equipment on the market.

Our vast selection of rental equipment from ReachMaster includes these options:

  • Aerial lifts: Aerial lifts allow your team to work safely at great heights, even in limited-access areas. ReachMaster aerial lifts are compact and flexible to get into any space and provide stability for worker safety. There are several models available that are cost-efficient and simple to operate.
  • Trailers: ReachMaster trailers make it easier to haul your aerial lift equipment to and from the job site. They have a patented design that makes it simple to load and unload the trailer.

Benefits of Renting From The Cat Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store dealer network has rental equipment from ReachMaster and other manufacturers for competitive prices. We have more than 1,300 dealers worldwide that are ready to help you find your ideal rental. Your local dealer will work with you to create a rental agreement that fits your project with short- and long-term arrangements available. Before your rental begins, your dealer will also inspect your equipment to ensure there are no problems and your ReachMaster rental equipment will perform well for your project.

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Choose The Cat Rental Store when you need rental equipment from ReachMaster and other well-known industry manufacturers. Our rental solutions are flexible to fit your needs and competitively priced to meet your budget.

Browse our ReachMaster rental equipment and call 1-800-RENT-CAT for more product information. You can also locate your dealer and request a quote to start your rental process today.

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